We offer a range of training courses: classroom based; field trips; and core store based.....


1.  Introduction to Carbonate Sedimentology.

2.  Introduction to the Oil Industry (with exercises).
3.  Production Geology: learning through worked

     exercises: 1 or 2 day course.
4.  Exploration Geology.

5.  Petrel 3-D reservoir modeling.
6.  Clastic depositional environments.
7.  Introduction to the geology of the Western              Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB): 1 or 2 days.

8.  Interpreting fractures in core and subsurface.

9.  Incised Valleys: recognition and prediction

Please ask for more options.

FIELD COURSES AND TRIPS (click on link below for videos)

(32) Jon Noad - YouTube

1.  Characterizing clastic reservoirs.
2.  Characterizing carbonate reservoirs.
3.  Contrasting shoreface Systems.
4.  Contrasting Ancient Fluvial Systems of SE Alberta.

5.  Sulphur Mountain Formation, Montney analogue field trip.

6.  Duvernay Formation field trip.
7.  Jura Creek: Exshaw, Devonian

8.  Geology for non geologists (VERY POPULAR FOR TEAM BUILDING)
9. Cretaceous Geology of Grande Cache (two or three days). 

10. Bespoke field trips by Formation (on request)


  1. Introduction to clastic core logging: structures and trace fossils.

  2. Heavy Oil core integration (one or two day course).

  3. Characterizing Cretaceous lithic valleys.

  4. Variety of Formation based courses available: Wilrich; Cardium; Mannville, etc.


I can tailor any training course to suit your needs, or create one especially for you. I have abundant resources to draw upon, as well as the experience to create training courses from scratch. Recent deliverables have included a two day Production Geology course, a core based Heavy Oil course, a Calgary flood based field course and other innovative training resources. ALL courses are now available virtually.