Consulting work has included running several field trips looking at Montney analogues, Shoreface deposits, Belly River fluvial reservoirs and modern flood deposits. We have many more field trips available in our portfolio, and these can be tailored to your needs. Currently ALL field trips are offered virtually, with almost a hundred videos available, interspersed with explanatory slides.


Sedimental Services has provided input on exploration in the Middle East and for several plays, mainly unconventional and heavy oil related, in western Canada. Guidance has also been given on helium resources and reserves. We offer highly competitive rates as well as innovative approaches to exploring for hydrocarbons and more.



Core has been logged covering a variety of formations including the Montney, Cardium, McMurray and others. International projects have included Colombian and North Sea core. Data has been synthesized to build up a three-dimensional picture of the geology, and exploration targets identified.